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Pricing & Packages

Looking for a place where you can express yourself with a new tattoo or relax with a soothing esthetic treatment? Hedgehog Inklings offers a diverse range of services to meet your unique needs. Take advantage of our referral and loyalty programs to experience the best value in the industry.

Nominated For Best New Business Award 2023

2023 Best New Business Award

Refund Policy On Services

 All sales are final.


Tattoo Deposits Are Non-Refundable As Is Completed Work.

In Regards to Esthetic Treatments, you will receive store credit that can be used on any other services only. This also applies in the case of an esthetic treatment that you do not wish to continue for whatever reason(s). It can be substituted for an alternative service. An additional fee may be charged (e.g. price differences and adjustments will be made between the original service and the new service being offered). 

Tattoos Machine


Hedgehog Inklings offers a unique and individualized experience when getting your next tattoo. Our skilled artists can help you plan and design the tattoo of your dreams and bring it to life. We use only the highest quality materials and equipment to ensure your tattoo will look amazing for years to come.

Services Include

  • Mystery Tattoo - $65 - $225 +GST

  • Micro Tattoo (Twonie Sized Tattoo) - $65.00 +GST

  • Business Card Size Tattoo - $80.00 +GST

  • Bespoke Tattoo - $160.00 p/hr +GST

    • (Set Prices Available - Terms & Conditions Apply)

  • Tattoo Refresh - $130.00 p/hr +GST

  • Tattoo Cover Up - $160.00 p/hr +GST

  • Scar Cover Ups - $160.00 p/hr. +GST

  • Mastectomy & Areola Tattoos - FREE (Terms & Conditions Apply). 

  • Half Day Rate (4-5 Hours) - $600.00 +GST

  • Full Day Rate (6-8 Hours) - $1100.00 +GST

Supply Fee


When it comes to tattooing, having the right supplies is crucial. That's why many tattoo artists charge a supply fee to cover the cost of materials such as ink, needles, and gloves. It also includes a complimentary Tattoo After Care Kit with every tattoo. This fee ensures that the artist can provide a safe and high-quality tattooing experience for their clients. Thus, we appreciate your understanding.


$50.00 - $100.00


  • A deposit is required for all tattoo appointments!

  • $50.00 for Micro Tattoos & Business Card size tattoos. 

  • $100 for all other tattoo appointments.

  • Deposits are non-refundable but they are applied towards the final cost of the tattoo. Consultations Required on all tattoo services.

Payment Plans

Looking to get a new tattoo but don't want to pay for it all at once? Our payment plan options allow you to break up the cost into monthly or weekly payments, with a maximum of 3 months to pay it off. Get the tattoo you want without breaking the bank. Contact us to learn more about our payment plan options.



Laser Hair Removal

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) laser hair reduction is a medical procedure that uses an intense, pulsating beam of light to reduce the recurring growth of unwanted hair. During the treatment, a concentrated beam of light passes through and into the hair follicles. The intense heat of the laser damages the hair follicle, which inhibits future hair growth.


  • Lips - $50.00 +GST

  • Chin - $60.00 +GST

  • Lip & Chin - $80.00 +GST

  • Side Burns - $50.00 +GST

  • Full Face - $145.00 +GST

  • Back of Neck - $40.00 +GST

  • Neck & Nape of Neck - $50.00


  • Lips Package of Five (5) Treatments- $200.00 +GST

  • Chin Package of Five (5) Treatments - $255.00 +GST

  • Lip & Chin Package of Five (5) Treatments - $350.00 +GST

  • Side Burns Package of Five (5) Treatments - $200.00 +GST

  • Full Face Package of Five (5) Treatments - $615.00+GST

  • Back of Neck Package of Five (5) Treatments - $175.00 +GST

  • Neck & Nape of Neck Package of Five (5) Treatments - $225.00


  • Axillae (underarms) - $75.00 +GST

  • Full Arms - $120.00 +GST

  • Half Arms - $70.00 +GST

  • Full Legs - $225.00 +GST

  • Half Legs - $125.00 +GST

  • Chest - $120.00 +GST

  • Stomach - $90.00 +GST

  • Full Back - $240.00 +GST


  • Axillae (underarms) Package of Five (5) Treatments - $300.00 +GST

  • Full Arms Package of Five (5) Treatments - $500.00 +GST

  • Half Arms Package of Five (5) Treatments - $298.00 +GST

  • Full Legs Package of Five (5) Treatments - $995.00 +GST

  • Half Legs Package of Five (5) Treatments - $500 +GST

  • Chest Package of Five (5) Treatments - $500.00 +GST

  • Stomach Package of Five (5) Treatments - $385.00 +GST

  • Full Back Package of Five (5) Treatments - $1050.00 +GST


  • Bikini - $90.00 +GST

  • Linea (3 inches wide belly button to pubic bone) - $60.00 +GST

  • Brazillian - $145.00 +GST​

  • Full Manzillian (Front & Back) - $250.00 +GST

  • Half Manzillian - $200.00 +GST

  • Buttocks - $120.00 +GST



  • Bikini Package of Five (5) Treatments - $380.00 +GST

  • Linea (3 inches wide belly button to pubic bone) Package of Five (5) Treatments - $250.00 +GST

  • Brazillian Package of Five (5) Treatments - $745.00 +GST​

  • Full Manzillian Package of Five (5) Treatments - $1060.00 +GST

  • Half Manzillian Package of Five (5) Treatments - $850.00 +GST

  • Buttocks Package of Five (5) Treatments - $550.00 +GST

Don't see something listed that you feel needs to be addressed? We can put together custom packages for you!


Nota Bene: For Optimal and long term results we recommend purchasing treatments in packages since multiple sessions are required to achieve the desired results.

Bare Skins


Skin Rejuvenation

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) is a technology used to treat skin rejuvenating concerns such as lines and wrinkles, stretch marks, pigmentation lesions, such as sun damage, and superficial scars. Additionally, IPL helps with acne and acne scars, milia, rosacea, and telangiectasia.



  • Face - $250.00 +GST

  • Neck - $85.00 +GST

  • Face & Neck - $350.00 +GST

  • Chest - $300.00 +GST

  • Lower Arms & Hands - $350.00 +GST

  • ACNE Treatments - $150.00 +GST



  • Face Package of Three (3) Treatments - $640.00 +GST

  • Neck Package of Three (3) Treatments - $220.00 +GST

  • Face & Neck Package of Three (3) Treatments - $975.00 +GST

  • Chest Package of Three (3) - $825.00 +GST

  • Lower Arms & Hands Package of Three (3) - $975.00 +GST​

  • ACNE Package of Three (3) - $420.

Nota Bene: Rosacea, Spider Veins, Melasma, Pigmentation, Broken Capillaries, & Acne treatments require a consultation to assess your specific needs.



Derma Needling

Also known as Collagen Induction Therapy, Derma (micro) needling is a rejuvenating treatment that stimulates collagen production through a controlled injury. This effective procedure is excellent to reduce lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, sun damage, stretch marks, acne scars, and superficial lesions.  


  • Face - $250.00 +GST

  • Face, Neck & Décolleté - $350.00 +GST

  • Thighs & Buttocks - $300.00 +GST


  • Face Package of Three (3) - $640.00 +GST

  • Face, Neck & Décolleté Package of Three (3) - $850.00 +GST

  • Thighs & Buttocks Package of Three (3) - $800.00 +GST



BB Glow

BB Glow uses a micro therapy system to infuse anti-aging and brightening serums with pigment colour into the surface of the skin. Treatment helps to even out skin tone, lighten dark eye circles, diminish sun damage, freckles, and acne scarring. Smooths and plumps fine lines, shrinks pores, and improves overall health of skin. Results in an even, glowing, flawless complexion. 


  • Face - $200.00 +GST

  • Face & Neck - $250.00 +GST

  • Face, Neck, & Décolleté  - $300.00 +GST


  • Face Package of Three (3) - $540.00 +GST

  • Face & Neck Package of Three (3) - $640.00 +GST

  • Face, Neck, & Décolleté Package of Three (3) - $760.00 +GST




This treatment helps to plump up collagen, decrease fine lines, wrinkles, and improve overall skin tone and texture. Microdermabrasion treatments are extremely effective in reducing not only the signs of aging, but pore size, hyperpigmentation, and overall improves the look and feel of the skin.


  • Face - $100.00 +GST

  • Face & Neck - $125.00 +GST

  • Face, Neck, & Décolleté  - $150.00 +GST


  • Face Package of Three (3) - $250 +GST

  • Face & Neck Package of Three (3) - $325.00 +GST

  • Face, Neck, & Décolleté Package of Three (3) - $400.00 +GST




Perfectly paired with special events, whether you are attending a wedding, prom, or even an actor in one of local community plays, dermaplaning is an excellent service for ensuring your make up is flawless! Derma planning is a treatment to help exfoliate the skin, remove vellus hair, and ultimately smooth and brighten the appearance of the skin.



  • Face & Upper Neck - $120.00 +GST


  • Face & Upper Neck Package of Three (3) - $325.00 +GST

This service is perfectly paired with make up services of your choice!

Fitness Group


Chemical Peels

A deep exfoliation treatment in which acids are carefully selected by your clinical esthetician with the purpose of resurfacing and renewing the outer most layer of the skin. 


  • Glycolic Peel - $90.00 +GST

    • Anti Aging resurfacing treatment  that removes the outer layer of the skin. ​

  • Salicylic Peel - $90.00 +GST

    • Beneficial for acne prone skin. Helps treat acne lesions and and helps improves the skin's tone and texture.​

  • TCA/Jesner Peel - $95.00 +GST

    • Advanced chemical peel used to treat signs of aging, hyperpigmentation, UV damage, acne, minimize pore size and uneven texture.​


  • Glycolic & Salicylic Package of Four (4) - $315 +GST

  • Glycolic & Salicylic Package of Six (6) - $470.00 +GST

  • Glycolic & Salicylic Package of Eight (8) - $590.00 +GST

  • TCA/Jesner Package of Four (4) - $340 +GST

  • TCA/Jesner Package of Six (6) - $515.00 +GST

  • TCA/Jesner Package of Eight (8) - $650.00 +GST

Facial Treatment



Our facials are designed to cleanse and nourish your skin, leaving it looking and feeling refreshed. Our experienced estheticians will customize a facial to your unique needs in order to provide the best results. Our luxurious facial treatments will leave you feeling relaxed and your skin looking and feeling beautiful.




  • La Betty Ann (All Skin Types) - $150.00 +GST

    • This sixty-minute (60) facial is designed with nurturing and pampering in mind. Only the best that Repêchage or Serene skin care products has to offer are used in making this an exceptional experience for both men and women who need a little time to themselves. It includes a Repêchage or Serene 4 layer facial mask (tailored to your skin type and needs), facial massage, exfoliation, deep cleanse, toners, serums, moisturizers, and SPF coupled with an arm, hand, and scalp or foot massage for good measure. We even throw in three modalities for free just because you deserve it!  Included is a post treatment after care kit.

  • Angela Knows Best (Acne & Break Outs) - $100.00 +GST

    • This is a hydra-medic facial designed for oily and/or acne skin. Deep cleanses helps control the appearance of oil problem skin, while helping maintain moisture. It will leave your skin looking fresh. Includes the use of one modality. Included is a post treatment after care kit.

  • DeMello Yellow (All Skin Types) - $80.00 +GST

    • This four (4) layer facial is designed with the WOW factor in mind. Whether you are travelling abroad or heading up a meeting amongst executives, ​these deep cleanse facials will not only clear your skin but help you deal with whatever life has to throw at you! It includes one modality of your choice.​​​ 

  • Time For Timmons (Customized Facial) - $60.00 +GST​

    • Perfect for the individual who has perfect skin and wants to dabble in the world of facials. This customized facial includes a thorough skin analysis, a deep cleanse, exfoliation, mask application, facial massage, toners, serums, moisturizer, and SPF. All products are hand picked for your skin!​

  • The Madeleine (All Skin Types) - $35.00 +GST

    • Little facials for little cutie pies. Treat your child to a fun facial in flavours of chocolate, lemon, or berry. Perfect for parents who want a spa day with their kids! Ages 6 and up are welcomed. ​


  • 1 Complimentary

  • 2 Add-ons for $10.00

  • 3 Add-ons for $15.00

  • 4 Add-ons for $20.00

Ultrasonic Skin Spatula, LED Light Therapy, Rotary Brush, Silver Ball Massage, and the Kansa Wand.



  • La Betty Ann (All Skin Types) Package of Three (3) - $375.00 +GST

  • Angela Knows Best (Acne & Break Outs) Package of Three (3) - $270.00 +GST

  • DeMello Yellow (All Skin Types) Package of Three (3) - $210.00 +GST

  • Time For Timmons (Customized Facial) Package of Three (3) - $165.00 +GST​

  • The Madeleine (All Skin Types) Package of Three (3) - $90.00 +GST


Nota Bene: Our facials address clients concerns and skin types. Thus, a consultation is required in order to determine the best skin care line to use. The latter includes but is not limited to Repêchage, Serene, and Bernard Cassière to name but a few. Book a consultation today! 

Glitter Bikini


Body Contouring

Looking for a way to achieve a more youthful and toned appearance? Look no further than OOMEX ClioSlim! Coupled with NuSkin's ageLOC WellSpa iO, our body cavitation and contouring treatments help to drain the lymphatic system, firm and tighten skin, and minimize the appearance of cellulite. With ageLOC Body Serum, you'll enjoy smoother, healthier-looking skin, while pre/post workout rejuvenation and skin stimulation help you feel relaxed and refreshed. Discover the benefits for yourself!

Body Contouring - Single Session


  • Face - $50.00 + GST​

  • Underarms - $50.00 + GST

  • Stomach - $75.00 + GST

  • Butt Lift - $75.00 + GST

  • Thighs - $100.00 + GST

  • Butt Lift & Thighs - $150 + GST


Body Contouring - PACKAGES

  • Face Package of Five (5) - $200.00 + GST

  • Underarms Package of Five (5) - $200.00 + GST

  • Stomach Package of Five (5) - $300.00 + GST

  • Butt Lift Package of Five (5) - $300.00 + GST

  • Thighs Package of Five (5) - $400.00 + GST

  • Butt Lift & Thighs Package of Five (5) - $600 + GST


Nota Bene: Acne Treatments Available Using Red Light Therapy.

Book a Consultation Today!



Tabby Toe Beans - Sitting Services!

Tabitha Corbin offers reliable and trustworthy babysitting services for parents in need during their tattoo or esthetic appointment. This service is offered on site at our Fort Macleod location. Thus, Tabitha and your child will be working on an activity along side us during your appointment. With Tabitha's experience and care, you can rest assured that your child is in good hands.



  • A minimum of one (1) hour is charged for this service.

  • This service cost $10.00 per hour.


Terms & Conditions

  • A minimum of 48 hours notice is required to avail of these services. Availability is dependent time of year (school year vs. summer).

  • This service is intended for appointments that are between thirty (30) minutes and a maximum of three (3) hours.

  • Children must be able to focus and participate in planned activities. 

  • Children are not to leave the designated area where Tabitha is stationed. Said station is located just outside the treatment room.

  • Parents are encouraged to bring snacks and drinks for their child. 

  • Parents must notify us if their children have any allergies to specific products used. The latter can include children's nail polish, adhesives (glue), etc...

  • Parents accept that appointments may be rescheduled should their child be unable to continue with said appointment. 

  • Hedgehog Inklings reserves the right to refuse the presence of children in the studio and to reschedule your appointment accordingly.

Cancellation Policy

When it comes to cancellations, we understand that sometimes plans change. That's why we offer a flexible cancellation policy. If you need to cancel your reservation, please let us know at least 24 hours in advance to avoid any cancellation fees. Thank you for choosing our services.

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