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Bespoke Tattoos

Hedgehog Inklings offers unique and bespoke tattoos designed to meet the individual needs and aesthetic of its customers. With years of experience in creating imaginative and beautiful ink designs, Hedgehog Inklings is the perfect choice for your next piece of art.

Individualism 101

Welcome to Hedgehog Inklings! Here we provide an eclectic array of tattoo styles for every occasion. Whether you're looking for something unique and custom-made, or prefer to choose from our hundreds of flashes, our talented artists will work with you to make your tattoo ideas a reality.

If we can't do your tattoo we will recommend an artist or shop that can!

Tattoo Sketches

Tattoo Aftercare

A complimentary tattoo after care kit (when available) is included with every new tattoo. This is to ensure the best possible healing of your tattoo. Book a consultation today to get started on your micro tattoo journey!

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